I am a pathetic social media addict; the only solution I have found is to never log in anywhere. So restricted, I don’t have a personal “feed.” Instead, all I can do is pull up individual Twitter accounts, and, because I’m not logged in, Twitter locks me out after I look at 4 tweets.

Unfortunately, after the Musky Boys took over Twitter, the tool that blocked me from reading more than 4 tweets either broke or was disabled. Now I could scroll with abandon. And I did! I became a completist for my favorite follows. Found myself losing twenty, thirty, forty minutes every evening, caught in the scroll.

I am happy to report that the only-4-tweets-for-you feature is back! And so I find I have some time on my hands, to do things like actually post my own things, on my blog that no one reads :)

Jasper Nighthawk @jaspernighthawk