Saturday was the closing of the Madam X show at Space Ten in Hawthorne. Thangka-like paintings and intricately-painted sculptures—the long-ignored work of Madam X, visionary painter, mystic, conceptual artist, and LA original. De plus, Madam X herself was interviewed live by co-gallerist Axel Wilhite. And there’s a gorgeous catalog + vibe-y zine!

A photo of the wall text, Madam X Circumnavigating the Sphere of Time, with her hair beside it A photo of Axel Wilhite interviewing Madam X in the gallery in front of a crowd A photo of two visitors peering to read the wall text of a painting A series of painted spheres, with the one in the foreground painted solid black A photo of a sculpture of a seated figure, filigreed with intricate and colorful designs Three figures talking during sunset, photo
Jasper Nighthawk @jaspernighthawk